Flash Fiction Friday (12)

Flash Fiction Friday is where a group of us writer types tell you a story in 100 words. No more, no less. The picture prompt this week was chosen by Heaven Liegh Eldeen.



“Indeed, you’ve found her.”

“How can you tell, father?”

Dex pointed to the swirl of light green surrounding the girls pupil. Her eyes– a shocking mix of Spring and Summer grasses, blended harmoniously together. The picture captured her true fae essence. And punched Dex square in the gut. Despite the Queen hiding in the mortal world, he’d found her at last. His royal queen and long-lost wife. He’d given her ten years to get over it. She needed to come home. Sulking time was over.

It was difficult fending off female advances. He remained faithful. But not forever.


Katie Harper,  Kay Springsteen,  Davee Jones,  AuroraRose Andromeda,
Sherri Hayes

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