Different Way To Make Your Partner Orgasm

Orgasm is something that men do have easily in comparison to women. Just through direct penetration, or a good blowjob, you can have your male partner reach orgasm. However, the case is different for women. As an adult man, when you want to stimulate orgasm for your female counterpart, consider it as you’re a comedian. In this case, you don’t make her laugh but help release the laughter from deep inside. Otherwise, you won’t give her orgasm. Instead, you focus on factors that allow her to have them. So, the question remains, “How do you do it?”

  1. Better Kissing

For an average woman, it’ll take her about ten to20 minutes to orgasm. Therefore, you need to spend at least three minutes kissing her. The mouth to mouth kissing reduces cortisol, a hormone that increases stress levels. As a result, kissing minimizes the time it takes to turn her on. A German study shows that, tilting your head to the right when kissing creates a sense of caring. As a result, it boosts her trust on you, and this makes her come quickly. Also, kiss her neck at intervals and at each time, remove one part of her clothes. In case you don’t have a partner, you can always try this with a professional escort.

  1. Positive Comments

Each time you expose her body, consider making a positive comment. Giving good compliments helps her gain self-confidence. In this way, you gradually reduce her consciousness. In two minutes, you should be able to have her mind turn into an animal. It also helps her feel competent and confident when she is naked.

  1. Touch the Whole Body

As a man, there is a temptation of just touching parts of interest. However, the whole body does matter in helping her reach orgasm. Focus on her entire body as sex itself and give her some massages. Such touches do produce deep relaxation that enables women to have an orgasm quickly. The technique also works for men as well. Consider touching the scalp, face, ears, feet, neck or the back of the knees.

  1. Direct Stimulation

Vaginal penetration does not provide direct stimulation on your woman. According to scientists, only a quarter of all women will have an orgasm by direct penetration. That means you need to work smart as a man. Use your tongue, either the upper or lower part to touch her clitoris. Make use of one hand to pull up the clitoral hood, and using your lingua, lick from its sides. Keep these going on until you feel the pre-orgasmic contractions. Now, you can penetrate and finalize the act.

Direct penetration is not the only way to help your partner orgasm. And this happens mostly with women. Trying the above techniques will see your sex life experience turn from worse to great.

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